The women on your sight are all so beautiful.  I don’t look like them… is this really something I can do?

You don’t need to wait until you lose 10 pounds… this is about celebrating who you are NOW.  There will always be a time when you look back and think, “Wow, I was hot then”. The women I photograph are not models or actresses, they are school teachers, Moms, accountants, medical professionals and executives … they are all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities.  They are in fact ‘ordinary’ women.  In my years of photography, I have learned that when a woman ‘feels’ beautiful, she shines.  With the use of make-up, adornment, great lighting, flattering posing techniques, tools and tricks that I have accumulated over the years, I will help you to feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera and you will leave my studio feeling confident that together we have created beauty.

I’ve never done this before, how will I know how to pose?

I will instruct you how to pose in ways that are the most flattering for your body type.  It’s not like the rigorous modeling you see on fashion shoots. I will set you up in a pose and change the photograph by moving around you and give you instruction on when and how to move. By the end of the shoot you will feel like a supermodel!

What about hair and make-up?

If you are a person who is very specific about the way that you like your hair and make-up done then you are welcome to arrive at the shoot with it already done, or do it yourself when you arrive.  However I do offer hair and make-up as part of my service. Most of the make-up and hair styling you see on my website I did myself. Although I occasionally hire a professional to assist me with hair and make-up if there is a specific look that I don’t feel I have the skill to achieve, or if I have several women I am working on at one time,  I personally prefer the hair and make-up myself.  In doing so, not only am I assured to get the look that I want, but more importantly, it gives me an opportunity to get to know you and have a sense of who you are and what you are specifically looking to create within your shoot.  I believe that this allows for a greater level of trust while I am photographing you and reflects in the resulting photographs.

Will my photographs be on your website?

The women you see featured on my website have all given me permission to use their image.  Your image will not appear here without your written consent.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

If having your friend at the shoot will make you feel more confident, absolutely! Just keep in mind whether or not the presence of that friend will make you feel inhibited or not.  You are going to want to fully express yourself which will lead to the most authentic photographs.

Do you provide outfits, costumes, accessories for the shoot?

I encourage women to bring their outfits of choice since you know what best fits you and suits your style.  If you are coming for a private shoot we can discuss your wardrobe during our consultation… (or lack of wardrobe).  If you come to my studio, or are within driving distance of my studio, I have a rather large higglty pigglty collection of ‘stuff’ I have collected over the years which we may be inspired to use.  I see my shoots as play and so the more options that we have to play dress-up with, the better.

Where does the shoot take place?

This will be something we discuss during out initial consultation.  Whether we are doing a beauty portrait party or a private shoot, we will figure out the look you are going for and go from there.

I have a lush studio in Kingston NY.  A perfect backdrop for the portraits that I do.

I can also come to your home, I have a portable studio setup.

We can shoot at an outdoor location… in the snow, on the beach, in the woods, cityscape, office… or all of the above!

or I occasionally rent a lush location, hotel, studio or such.

How long does a shoot take?

My standard boudoir, beauty portraits and power portraits take up to about 3 hours.  A beauty or pin-up portrait party (group shoot/mini photo session) averages at about one hour per person.  However the parties are so much fun that people should block out the entire day.

How long does it take to see my photographs after my shoot?

On average about two weeks. However if you are in a rush (birthday gift or such) you can let me know and if possible I can arrange for to get them more quickly to you.

How many outfits do I get to change into?

Generally a minimum of 3-4 outfits for a private shoot.  3-4 different outfits for a power portrait.  One outfit only for beauty portrait parties/mini sessions/group shoots.

What is a beauty portrait party?

A mini portrait shoot for 3 or more women.  It is a smaller financial investment for each woman as it is a sampling of my work. Each woman gets a transformative make-over.  Only one outfit/look is allowed per woman, but it is a super fun way to get together with your friends.  It is the perfect celebration for a bachelorette party, a significant birthday or even a divorce party. The party can happen at my studio or I can bring my portable studio to where ever you are, your home, a hotel suite, an outdoor location. I will even set up an invite for you to send out to your friends.  If you are in driving distance from me, I will bring suitcases filled to the brim for you to all dress up and play in.

What should I bring to my shoot and is there anything you recommend I do before my shoot?

Bring as many outfits as you are considering.  Any accessories you are thinking of hats, earrings, stockings, shoes.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, bring the make-up that you prefer.

You may bring your adult beverage of choice.  Sometimes you just need to take that edge off!

Drink plenty of water the day before and the morning of.  You will want to be nice and hydrated for a healthy glow.

Wear loose comfortable clothing to the shoot. You don’t want the elastic lines of tight socks or jeans to show up on your skin.

You may want to bring a robe for between changes.

Take a deep breath!  And get ready to have some fun!


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