Photo credit: Michael Lee Jackson

Hi, I’m Charise.

I love to empower women with my photography!

For over 20 years this has been my mission and my passion.  I have photographed beauty beyond my wildest dreams.  There is an enormous amount of power that exists when a woman steps in front of a camera allowing herself to be vulnerable, to be present, to be her deeply sensual and powerful self.  I am truly grateful to every woman who has ever stood before my camera and honored that I am continuously sent so many incredible muses by the Goddesses and Gods of creativity!

I hope you will be one of them.

My favorite thing is to photograph ordinary women. Yes, you!  But what you and I both know is that YOU are no ordinary woman!  Inside of you there is a powerful Goddess waiting to express herself.

After years of photographing women, I have refined tools to inspire you to look and feel your most comfortable and fabulous in front of the camera.  I see my art as a form of play.  It is dress-up, adornment, make-up, movement, make believe, poetry, dreams and girlish fun. It is a dance between photographer and her muse, all in an effort to take you back to that place within yourself where there is no judgement and you are free to be you. The resulting photographs will allow you to see your shining inner Goddess reflected back at you.

Reasons to book a shoot.

Perhaps you are at a transitional time in your life that you would like to document in a beautiful and celebratory way. You may be turning 50, or 21, or 30 or 70 and want to remember this point in time. Maybe you are fully pregnant, and want to document your beautiful body bulging and full of life. Are you are about to get married and have never felt so loved, or newly divorced and celebrating your new found freedom? I can help you document these special moments with a tangible memory for years to come.

Perhaps you want to step out of your comfort zone?  You stand in front of the mirror, you are your biggest critic, you want to take a step toward self love or maybe you have always fantasized about posing as a pin-up model, or posing completely nude on a rooftop or in the snow and you want to fulfill that bucket list wish.

Perhaps you want to give someone dear to you a very special, memorable and intimate gift, the gift of you.  Perhaps that gift is for yourself.

Perhaps you need a portrait that makes a statement.  A striking exhibition of feminine power, for your business website. Or maybe you want a warm and inviting profile pic to attract that perfect mate on a dating site. It could be that you need a fun, fabulous and frivolous image for Facebook or a portrait of you as a sexy seductress to hang in your bedroom as an intimate reminder. Perhaps you desire a sensual portrait of you and your partner capturing your unique love and intimacy or a timeless heirloom portrait to be passed down through generations of your family?

No matter what your age, shape, size, or purpose, I would LOVE to photograph you!

CALL NOW FOR YOUR CONSULTATION: Charise (914) 466-4347

On a side note:

My years of work with women has led me to create an ongoing internationally recognized photography project titled “The Grace Project”  You may have seen it featured in Ms Magazine, Elle Magazine, Daily Mail, Buzz feed or Refinery 29.  A passion project for which I have photographed intimate portraits of over 700 women affected by breast cancer.  As you can imagine it is a deeply moving and powerful journey that I have endeavored upon with these incredibly brave women.  If you would like to find out more, support the project in any way, or if you are a woman affected by breast cancer that would like to be photographed for the project you can see more CLICK HERE.